Ashes of the Domain

"From the Ashes, We will Rebuild"

Greetings Starfarer,

Ashes of the Domain is a megamod centered on greatly enhancing and extending the colony-building aspect of Starsector. It is a mod divided into three modules Virtues of Society, Vaults of Knowledge, and Cryosleeper Options. Given sufficient time, effort, and investment, you can harness the power of the relics of the domain and bring about the end of the 200-cycle long technological dark age of the Persean Sector.



Ashes of The Domain is composed of 3 modules that focuses and modifies different aspects of Starsectors gameplay.

Virtues of Society thumbnail

Virtues of Society

Virtues of Society is the first sub-module of AoTD, it centers around colony events that will pop-up in your playthrough.

It is inspired by the event systems of simulation games of the likes of Ixion and Stellaris

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Vaults of Knowledge

Vaults of Knowledge is the second sub-module of AoTD and perhaps the largest module.

It completely overhauls the colony system, and provides the ability to progressively research new technology, build various new industries that has the abilit to synergize, that could benefit you in your exploration of the stars.

Cryosleeper Options thumbnail

Cryosleeper Options

Cryosleeper Options is the third sub-module of AoTD and perhaps the smallest module.

Cryosleeper Options, also known as "The Sleeper", is dedicated to improving the Cryosleeper system of Starsector.

It does this by reworking the mechanics of the Cryosleeper, making them require more effort to maintain, whilst also making them more rewarding.


Here is where you can download all or individual modules of Ashes of The Domain, to install, simply extract the contents of the zip file into the "Mods" folder which could be found in Starsectors directory, that's all Starfarer, you're ready to explore!

Download v1.0.9c for 0.97a

Virtues of Society

Compatible with version 1.0.0 - 1.0.9b

Download v2.1.5 for 0.97a

Vaults of Knowledge

Compatible with version 2.1.0-2.1.4

Download v2.0.3 for 0.97a

Cryosleeper Options

Compatible with version 2.0.0-2.0.2

Cross-supported mods

Below is a list of mods that has cross-support/integration that may effect how the certain modules of AoTD behave, for more information click the banners.


Unsure how certain modifications work starfarer? or perhaps you fancy coding? well then, this place is for you, here is a list of every guide that has been created so far to help you out in on your adventures.

Developer Logs

This is a dedicated space where updates, changes, and new features are created and shown. This section serves as a comprehensive record of the AoTD development process, providing valuable insights into the AoTD development.

About Me

Welcome Starfarer,

My name is Kaysaar. I am a Starsector modder and the main developer of Ashes of The Domain. Always coming up with crazy ideas to pursue my own goals and having fun!


Early Development

  • Ciruno
  • uhbyr1
  • RaiDz

Web Developer

  • ELIF_


  • CY/Milkydromeda
  • Dwarven_Seaman
  • Minideth

Programming and Feedback

  • Lukas04
  • Nia Tahl
  • PigeonPun
  • USC discord

General Assistance

  • AoTD Discord
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